General introduction

The "Turin Papyrus Online Platform" moves away from closed archives towards open data, which is a major step forward in the domain of historical archiving and digital humanities.

Introduction by the Director, Christian Greco

The purpose of this website is to put the papyrus collection in the Museo Egizio online via the Turin Papyrus Online Platform. The final aim is to provide public access to all of the museum’s papyri in the long run.

The website allows the academic community and general public alike to search, browse and collect information about the papyri.

Work on the online platform is in progress. Currently, only a selection of the collection is visible on the website. Registered users, on the other hand, have access to the whole collection of Ramesside hieratic papyri, except for the smaller fragments. The number of accessible papyri will be constantly expanded over the coming years.

We are collaborating with an international academic community of scholars who are engaged in research on our papyri. Therefore, the language of the database is English. However, we are currently working on translations of the texts written on the papyri in several languages. 

This website provides vivid narratives targeted at the non-specialist, focusing on the history and content of the Turin papyri, the ongoing papyrus projects and their workflow, and the application of innovative technology to investigate ancient manuscripts.


We are curious about your feedback on the website and database. Do not hesitate to contact us

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