How to use the platform!

The Turin Papyrus Online Platform is designed to be dynamic! Our data and information are periodically updated, meaning the database changes and grows over time as new information and records become available.

How to use the platform!

Using the Turin Papyrus Online Platform requires simple registration before you can login.

The best visualization is provided by the Google Chrome Web Browser. There might be problems with the visualization of fonts, especially the transliteration font, in browsers such as Safari or Firefox. If problems occur, refresh your browser or clear its cache.

For more information on how to read, search and use the database, see the PDF manual. (Please note, the version is out of date, a new one is in preparation!)

YouTube video

See also the YouTube-video for a short presentation of how to navigate through TPOP (min. 47:38-01:07:57)

(English presentation given for the Sunoikisis Digital Classics summer semester 2021, see here)

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