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The Turin Papyrus Online Platform is designed to be dynamic! Our data and information are periodically updated, meaning the database changes and grows over time as new information and records become available.

What are you looking for?

  • Are you looking for a specific papyrus or time period? Try searching for the inventory number or date.

  • Do you just want to browse the collection? Try using the search function > script = hieratic, or provenance = Deir el-Medina, or text type = Book of the Dead, etc.

  • Would you like to learn more about the inhabitants of Deir el-Medina? Try searching for the keyword "delivery".

  • Do you prefer to only see the highlights? Try searching for one of the following papyri: the Satiric/Erotic papyrus (Cat. 2031), the Goldmine Map (Cat. 1879), the King List or Royal Canon (Cat. 1963), the Book of the Dead of Iuefankh (Cat. 1791) or of Kha (Suppl. 8438), the Tomb Plan of Ramesses IV (Cat. 1885), the Strike Papyrus (Cat. 1880), etc.

Why should you register?

  • You will have access to more photographs and transcriptions, transliterations and translations into English, French and German.

  • You will have access to more data, such as detailed features of the writing support or handwriting.

  • You will be able to search for personal names and titles, deities, epithes and royal titles.

  • You will be able to create your own workspace by attaching comments to any position on the surface of the papyrus image. Visible to you only.

  • You will have access to the entries in the 1882 catalogue by Fabretti, Rossi and Lanzone, or the 19th-century facsimiles by Pleyte and Rossi, uploaded as PDF files.

  • You will be able to consult notebooks by several scholars, such as Černý, from the Oxford archives, or digital slips of transcripts from Berlin.

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