Research Collaborations

The mission of the Museo Egizio is to produce knowledge on the basis of research that fosters sustainability. We are collaborating with a number of researchers and conservators in order to make both the Turin papyri themselves and the research done on them understandable and accessible to the scholarly community and the non-Egyptologist public.

Turin King List/Royal Canon

Kim Ryholt (Copenhagen)

The “Turin King List” also known as “Royal Canon” has attracted the attention of Egyptologists since it entered the Museo Egizio in 1824 as part of the Drovetti collection. Over many years, Kim Ryholt has studied the papyrus and proposed a new arrangement of the fragments alongside a new interpretation of the text. The publication as well as the restoration of the manuscript is upcoming.

Goldmine Papyrus

Andreas Dorn (Uppsala) and Stéphane Polis (Liège)

The so-called “Turin Papyrus Map” or “Goldmine Papyrus”, despite being one of the most famous papyri from Egypt, has never been published properly. This is about to change due to the research of Andreas Dorn  and Stéphane Polis, who are preparing a proper publication of both the map on the recto and all the verso texts on this more than two meter-long papyrus. 

Erotic-Satirical Papyrus

Eve Menei (Paris)

The Fondazione CRC Cuneo is providing financial support to employ the restorer Eve Menei (Paris) who is taking care of the conservation and new arrangement of the numerous fragments of the so-called “Erotic-Satirical Papyrus”. The papyrus will be back on display in the Deir el-Medina room after its restoration.

Amduat Papyri

Enrico Pozzi (Venice)

One of the goals of the Museo Egizio is to offer MA and PhD candidates the opportunity to study the collection. The Turin group of Amduat papyri were subject of the MA thesis of Enrico Pozzi (Venice) who is currently preparing the encoding of 18 manuscripts in TPOP. 

The Museo Egizio launched a research monographs series in four languages to make research and information on the Museum’s collection as widely available as possible. A number of monographs are dedicated to the publication of Turin papyrus manuscripts, in addition to the above mentioned projects (in preparation):

  • Federico Contardi (Montpellier) "Ritual for Amenhotep I and hymns to Amun-Re (pTurin Suppl. 10125a and 10125b)" (one year publishing project funded by the Museo Egizio)

  • Robert Kade (Berlin) “Some abnormal hieratic papyri in the Museo Egizio”

  • Frédéric Rouffet (Montpellier) “Les papyrus magiques du musée de Turin”

  • Susanne Töpfer (Turin) "Books of Breathing and related text in the Turin papyrus collection"

  • Lorenzo Uggetti (Paris) “Les archives bilingues de Totoès et de Tatéhathyris”

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