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Papyri in ancient Egypt: everything you need to know about it.

Papyrus of the month: The Amduat

The Amduat is a cosmographic and scientific treatise that describes the Egyptian Netherworld’s features ... 


TPOP2020 - New version

A new version of the „Turin Papyrus Online Platform“ (TPOP) is available for registered users.

Three key elements are now accessible: the Object, in our case a papyrus fragment; the Document, in our case a papyrus roll reconstituted from several Objects (= fragments); and the Witness, a term designating one or more texts written on a Document (= papyrus roll). The registered user will be able to browse through a growing number of virtually combined manuscripts which are constantly being expanded with new information. 

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Crossing Boundaries in Home Office

How do we work at a distance in times of Corona in Europe?
The research never succumbed the lockdown!
Let’s listen to the "home office stories" told by the scholars! 


Behind the scenes

An interview with the curator of the Papyrus Collection of the Museo Egizio.


Museo Egizio